REL Meat Serve-over

This is the introduction of the REL Serveover:

The remote REL serveover offers the maximum flexibility of modern merchandising suitable for medium and large supermarkets.

It includes a wide range of special solutions for different categories of goods, an elegant, innovative design that guarantees maximum visibility for the products displayed, so that they become the focus of attention.

Prices starting from £2,500 + VAT.

Available in stock


Product Features:

1-Temperature: 0~+5 °C

2-Fan Cooling

3-Power 240V/50Hz

4-Digital Temperature Controller

5-Danfoss expansion valve

6-With front sliding glass door

7-Inner top with LED lighting

8-Side glass panel of double layer hollow tempered glass

9-REL Colour Code Ral 9006.

10-Available Sizes; 1875mm, 2500mm and 3750mm.


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