Wall Mounted

Mitsubishi Wall Mount Single Splits have got a radical design resulting in highly efficient, reliable range using DC PAM inverter technology and DC rotary compressors.

Capacities vary from 2 kW through to 10 KW.


The Split A/C’s installation consist of an indoor unit (operated with an infrared remote control) linked with an outdoor unit through refrigerant piping and electric cables.

Features include:

1- Intelligent control of the vanes.

2- Auto off and standby mode facility based on movement.


The prices provided below are supplied and fitted (examples):

* 3.5 kW (12,000 BTU) —-  £1,250 + Vat.

* 5.0 kW (17,000 BTU) —-  £1,450 + Vat.

* 7.0 kW (24,000 BTU) —- £1,795 + Vat.

* 10.0 kW (34,000BTU) — £2,100 + Vat.



Every installation is different from the other, so a site survey is a necessity to implicate the right price.



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