Under Ceiling

The Mitsubishi FDE-VG-Under Ceiling System is a particularly important unit for commercial shops, bars & restaurants with ceilings that has got no voids or just a solid ceiling that can not take the cassette air-conditioning systems into them.

Another, important feature is that you can use them in office walls at low level as shown on the image below.

Mitsubishi is a leading manufacturer of Air-Conditioning with huge back up technical support and their warranty is 12 months from purchase.


The Mitsubishi Under Ceiling (or low level A/C) Commercial Range operates on a big range starting at 4 kW and runs up to 14 kW, prices supplied & fitted are as follows:

* 4.0   kW (14,000 BTU)  —-  £1920.

* 5.0   kW (17,000 BTU)  —-  £1985.

* 7.1    kW (24,000 BTU)  —-  £2315.

* 10.0 kW (34,000 BTU)  —-  £2425.

* 12.5 kW (43,000 BTU)  —-  £2800.

* 14.0 kW (48,000 BTU)  —-  £3100.

(Pls note that prices above are plus vat and based on pipe run of maximum 15m).



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