Ceiling Cassette

Mitsubishi Cassette Systems are done for commercial units like offices, shops, cafes, showrooms, restaurants etc.

They are meant to be fitted on false ceiling whereby most of the indoor unit goes into the void of the ceiling and the only visible part is the elegant fascia (aesthetically pleasing) which has got four adjustable louvers all round.

They are categorized as follows:

1- Compact Cassette.

2- Commercial Cassette.


1- Compact Cassettes are fitted within smaller areas. It fits within a 600 * 600 mm ceiling grid. Four Directions of air flow that can be controlled by individual flap control. Wireless Controller.

Sizes available are 3.5 – 6 kW.


Example Prices (Supplied & Fitted):

* 5.0 kW (17,000 BTU) ——   £ 1,850+VAT.

* 6.0 kW (21,000 BTU) ——  £ 1,950+VAT.


2- Commercial Cassettes are fitted for bigger areas and they need a hole size into the false ceiling of at least 900 * 900 mm and are controlled via a hard wired remote control fixed on a wall.

Sizes available are 5 – 14 kW.

Example Prices (Supplied & Fitted):

7.1 kW (24,000 BTU) ——  £ 2,300+VAT.

10.0 kW (34,000 BTU) —— £ 2,625+VAT.

12.5 kW (42,000 BTU) —— £ 2,750+VAT.

14.0 kW (48,000 BTU) —— £ 3,100+VAT.



Every installation is different from the other, so a site survey is a necessity to implicate the right price


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