Arneg Parma 3 (Refurbished)

Refurbished Arneg Open Display Multi-deck Cabinet 1000mm deep, high capacity. Very good condition supplied with a new condensing unit. Complete with 5 layers of shelving. Best of the Arneg range. Delivery Charges apply according to Post Code. Exceptionally low price.

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• Refurbished Arneg Open Display Multi-deck Cabinet 3750mm * (1000mm-Deep)

* New 3.5 HP Condensing Unit (Copeland Scroll Compressor) 

* Supplied and Fitted @ £3,699 + VAT (Delivery charge varies)

* Includes Extended 2 Year Warranty (Parts + Labour) 

* 500mm Shelves, 5 levels. High Capacity Fridge.


Technical Details:- 

Canopy Lights

American Copeland Scroll Compressor 

Eliwell ID961 Digital Temperature Control 

Top Entry Pipe 

Timed Off Cycle Natural Defrost 

R449A Reefrigerant (New Regulations)

ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance) Approved Cabinet 

Energy Efficient Fans 

Danfoss Solenoid Valve 

Temperature Range (0 C – 4 C) 

Tested to EN23953 standards 

Heat Extraction rate 1436 W/m @ -9 C evaporating temperature 




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