Medium Temp Packages (-1/ +8 Deg C)

Retail Shopfittings stock a great range of coldroom refrigeration packages. We have the following sizes:

1, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 5.0, 6.0 & 7.5 HP.

They can cool rooms from 2.0 to 300 sq m. A general rule of thumb to match your coldroom to the right package is 65 W needed per cubic m.

As the rooms get bigger you can install two of our packages together.

The pack will consist of ‘ Condensing Unit, Evaporator and an Electronic Control’.

Our evaporators (coolers) are box style and they are nitrogen charged.

They have as standard an expansion valve and defrost heaters.

The electronic controls are manufactured by the popular ‘Elitech’ and they are durable and perform perfect for the operation.

Prices vary according to the size of the unit, PLEASE CHECK PRICES BELOW.

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REL COLD ROOM PACKAGE UNITS:     * 1.5 HP- 4.5 HP operate on single phase (240V).  Single Fan.

                                                                  * 6.0 HP- 7.5 HP operate on three phase (415V).  Two Fan.

* Evaporator- Single Phase (240V) Box Evaporator/ Cooler, complete with a TEV (Expansion Valve) and Defrost Heaters – Suitable for CHILLED Storage.

* Control Panel (ECB 3000) – Electronic complete operation, with programmed defrost intervals and temp adjustment.

PRICES    —-

1.0HP (Room Size    3 TO 11 m3)  ——-          £1475+VAT,     [1- Fan Cooler (300 mm)]

1.5HP (Room Size  12 TO 32 m3)  ——-          £1875+VAT,     [1- Fan Cooler (300 mm)]

2.5HP (Room Size   33 TO 50 m3) ——-         £2200+VAT,      [2- Fan Cooler (300 mm)]

3.5HP (Room Size   52 TO 100 m3) ——-       £2375+VAT,       [2- Fan Cooler (400 mm)]

4.5HP (Room Size 102 TO 130 m3) ——-       £3275+VAT,      [2- Fan Cooler (450 mm)]

6.0HP (Room Size 132 TO 165 m3) ——-       £3700+VAT,     [2- Fan Cooler (500 mm)]

7.5HP (Room Size 166 TO 200 m3) ——       £4525+VAT.     [2- Fan Cooler (550 mm)]

(One Year Warranty)



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