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The ‘Magazine Shelving’ is a multi-tier style of shelves formed in steps to provide  enough space to accommodate the current range of different available titles in that industry.

The beauty of the modular shelving is that you can make a lot out of the stand alone unit and one of the uses is to fit magazine shelves instead of the straight shelving. There is the magazine shelving which as well can be fitted on a set up unit. Magazine Shelves can be set up in tiers 2, 3 or 4-Tier’

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As per image above one has to be aware of 3 important factors to build magazine shelving units:

1- It just fits on a standard wall or gondola unit instead of the standard shelf. Hence it is available as well in 4 fixed widths:

665mm – 800mm – 1000mm – 1250mm.

2- It is also available in 3-5 tiers (steps). Normally busy newsagents use the 5-tiers for displaying more magazines at a lower level.

3- Also, note the more tiers used means that the unit will have to be deeper meaning that the magazine shelves will come out more from the wall.

Here below is an example of just the magazine shelf to add to an existing wall or gondola shelving unit:

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