Standard Wall Shelving Unit

The Wall Shelving Units are designed to be easy to assemble. It is fully adjustable and shelves can be moved up or down according to the product height. The components of a Wall Unit is displayed below.

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As per above image, one has to be aware of three important factors to build up those shelving units:

1- Wall Units width are available in 4 fixed sizes;

665mm – 800mm – 1000mm – 1250mm.

2- In terms of the height they start from 1.4m to a height of 3.0m. Can be cut to any height necessary.

3- Also, the shelf depth are available in the following sizes; 250mm, 300mm, 370mm, 470mm & 570mm.



Taking into account the above mentioned widths of Units in (1), you can fix any combination together to suit the wall length needed.

For example a wall which measures 3.7m means that you can join 3 off the 1000mm Units together with a 665mm to fit into that wall.

Below is a table for the most popular wall unit sizes (which can be joined together in any length combination as per example above):


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