Meat Serveover (REL Range)

The REL meat serveover counter has got a big impact on the meat display and temperature. With a super deep 710mm deck you can create a mouth watering display of the finest fresh meats you have to offer. The unit keeps all your product at the required fresh meat temperature using low volume fans to achieve even cooling over the whole deck without drying out the product on display. Rear sliding doors to the deck come as standard and the front glass hinges lifts up for easy cleaning. It comes with a standard grey trim to the front of the unit.




  • Fully automatic
  • Fan assisted cooling
  • Adjustable feet
  • Interior light with switch
  • Digital controller and temperature display
  • Hinged glass for easy cleaning
  • Acrylic sliding doors to display area
  • Multiplexable runs available
  • 13 Amp socket
  • Stainless rear shelf
  • Stainless deck



Sizes & Prices:

1.50m.  ———    £

2.00m.  ———    £

2.50m.  ———    £

3.75m.  ———    £


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